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About me

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, I moved to Vancouver, Canada when I was a teenager. I graduated from UBC with an electrical engineering degree, then began working for a telecom research company for 7 years in Ottawa, Canada. After enjoying the role of an in-house instructor for University of Ottawa at the research company, I started my own I.T. training company to give courses worldwide on computer technologies from web technologies to more advanced ones.

After moving back to Vancouver, I started to develop courses on my long time interests in I-Ching, Chinese Tuina and medicine, Chinese Face Reading, Fengshui and Chinese Astrologies. I gave lectures on these as general interest courses at many continuing education departments of local school boards in Greater Vancouver. These courses are still being offered to any groups interested in running them.

Ever since I was young, I had an interest in the divine. In my 20's, I was able to lessen headaches and cramps quickly already for my own family members, but I never spoke of it much to others. On Sept 21, 2012, I had a special encounter, and I believe this healing gift was so greatly enhanced and strengthened that I was able to heal even my own sore lower back in seconds. That gave me the confidence and also a new direction in life to begin sharing this unique gift with whomever I meet in person.

Unlike a Qi-Gong master, I never get tired when applying this healing power. I may be very sleepy due to a jetlag, and yet my hands could still be very effective in healing others. Furthermore, my mind may be thinking about something else while one hand is treating one person and the other hand holding a phone, but guess what? It still works! So the state of my CONSCIOUSNESS has got nothing to do with the healing because the healing energy should be from a higher divinity with an unlimited healing power, and it is not from a mortal man !

As Canada and other developed countries all have well established medical systems and strong protection provided to the pharmaceuticals and medical professionals, my offering of free instant healing have been mostly turned down by the establishment here in Vancouver. Therefore, I feel my gift is not being fully utilized as I could really save thousands of people from their pain and from unnecessary chemical pain killers, which merely mask the pain but do not treat the cause of the pain. I aim to help the poor people in underdeveloped or developing countries by offering this instant healing gift to rid their pain and heal them cheaply. Consequently, I am constantly seeking sponsorship from any philanthropists to help me do healing anywhere but particularly, in China, Taiwan, South East Asia countries including Nepal, Burma, West Bengal and India. For example, in January 2013, I travelled to Bhutan, Nepal and Taiwan and offered my healing there. Some videos are posted in Video Gallery. If you wish to sponsor me to do good for this world in this life time, please contact me. In addition, I also offer lectures on divinity and how one can become a healer like me.