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Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition of whatever nature, and shall not be construed as medical advice, implied or otherwise. Information on this site is intended to be for educational edification and use only.

Q: What kinds of pain has instant-healing been applied successfully?

A: Here is the list of most typical ones:

  1. Arthritis, that is, any pain in any joints on the body
  2. Fibromyalgia symptoms.
  3. Allergies to dust, pollen
  4. Dry eyes, sensitive to wind
  5. Lower back pain, Shoulder pain, Neck pain, back pain
  6. Buttock pain, from a fall on ground due to slippery walkway.
  7. Thigh pain, most likely a pulled tendon
  8. Knee pain from arthritis, old age, injury, degenerative disc. Knee pain is one of the most common type I treat.
  9. Ankle pain, bunions, Feet pain, Heel pain, Achilles Tendon pain
  10. Shoulder pain, lumbar area pain, buttock pain, pelvis pain, abdominal pain, chest pain, stomach pain
  11. Upper arm pain, tennis elbow pain
  12. Wrist pain, also a common type I treat.
  13. Finger pain, due to arthritis or work related over-usage worn ligaments.
  14. Nose pain, Eye Pain, Toothache, Tonsil ache, headache, migraine, Throat ache due to tumour

Q: What types of conditions is Instant-Healing NOT effective or applicable?

A: If the patient has one of the following conditions, then the pain may only be removed temporarily and will return later:

  1. Infectious diseases or skin conditions, itch, or burning feeling, without accompanying pain.
  2. Paralysis from stroke. The improvement is small, but could try to help but will require frequent treatments.
  3. Genetic disorders : diabetic, Down's Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's Disease(ALS), Alzheimer's Disease, etc. If there is pain involved, then yes, I could try to help lessening the pain, but not the underlying conditions, for now.
  4. Psychological, psychiatric nature
  5. Sexually Transmitted diseases, hemorrhoids, colorectal problems, bladder infections.
  6. Non-localized problem such as blood related problems
  7. Smokers. Even if you are exposed to second-hand smokes, the pain will return soon after you start to smell the smoke.
  8. Recreational drug users. If the patient is addicted to drugs, the addiction has to be treated first before any pain can be treated.
  9. Alcoholics.
  10. When a person is angry, disrespectful, drunk, high on drugs. However, a person in coma, or sleep may still work.

Q: How long does a session take?

A: In general, a session lasts between 1 to 5 minutes, but depends on the patient's age, the younger the faster. Secondly, the shorter the patient has the pain, the faster also. For a senior who has had a pain for years, then it may take several treatments. A session should not last longer than 5 minutes. It works better if the patient gets another session after resting 10 minutes or longer or after a sleep. Longer treatment at one spot may not help further but just wasting time.

Q:How much does it cost?

A: For youths under 22 years of age, the first healing session is free. Others depend on a few factors, but if after 10 seconds of healing, and yet you don't feel any improvement whatsoever, then it is free and the healing session stops. If you are on income assistance from the government, then a discount will be offered. In exchange of a discount or free treatment, a video will be taken for publication as testimony or for documentary purposes. No names will be mentioned in the vidoes for privacy protection.

If your organization, church, temple, school, club or any group would like to invite me over to treat your members, please write me and discuss details as I do welcome opportunities to travel to those who can't move easily.

If you are an organizer, a program host/producer of a TV or Radio program and you have some pain that you wish me to treat, I could also do so if you could also help me spread the words on such instant healing in an interview on your show. Please contact me for further info.

Q: What religion do you belong to?

A: You can say that I belong to the group that believe God exists and God has unlimited power, resources, and love throughout the universe which includes the Milky Way Galaxy where our solar system belongs to. God creates life, so please don't think that God looks like a 3 dimensional human with white skin and white beard. Most likely all humans haven't seen God before but could feel its presence as God is not a human but the source of light and love. Therefore, don't be childish and say that you don't believe there is God just because you've never seen it. Have you seen electrons? Have you seen gravity or magnetism? No, but you all now know their presence and their effects. Thus, why humans place a limit that God can only create ONE religion and only talk to ONE people while it created ALL? Like many things, religion is merely one of many creations of people residing at different places at various times in the history of mankind, to teach others about God so that people in general will know that they are divine beings and not like animals. However, it will come a time in human evolution that literacy and education become so common place that a child won't need another adult to teach him everything about God's ways but could read and understand by himself or by other means without involving another human being. When that time comes, many people will question the need to be taught in a church, a temple, a mosque, etc. because children can readily get the same teaching from many other sources, without being "brainwashed" by other adults with ulterior motives abusing the faith of people for their own political and/or economic gains. Do you believe that such a child will think that God only shows its ways in one and only one religion that his parents raised him in?  In the future, most won't. God not only showed its ways to one human being in India several thousand years ago that Buddha's followers formed Buddhism, but also to another human being in Jerusalem 2 thousand years ago that Jesus' followers formed Christianity. Will God stop then showing its ways? Will God only show its ways to one planet in the whole universe to one human being for a few more thousand years to come? If human beings got self-destroyed, will God stop showing its ways to next species after human beings? Think about it and see why we shouldn't be grouped into one and only one religion because for a 3 dimensional being to observe a higher dimensional entity, there are infinite number of ways! Just like, given a 3 dimensional statue, how many different 2 dimensional pictures can you take of the statue? Wouldn't it be nice to recognize that there should be some aspects of God in different religions? Secondly, to consider only "my" religion is the right religion is like a child saying my father is the ONLY father in the world, and my siblings' father is a fake! Religions were established by the FOLLOWERS of the enlightened beings, and NOT the enlightened beings! You could learn the words of enlightened beings to get a glimpse of God's ways, but remember to take a grain of salt from the sayings of the FOLLOWERS who may NOT be enlightened!

 In conclusion, I believe in many enlightened beings' sayings, and this would include Jesus' teachings, Buddha's teachings, and Confucius teachings and many others too; however, I do not box myself into ONE religion. When your behaviours liken to those enlightened beings, then you surely would NOT want your followers begin to kill other people for NOT behaving as enlightened as you have been; and, you would be ashamed of crimes done in your name against other people a few hundred or thousand years later after your death! You also surely would not claim that God only chose you and only you, and no one else could be chosen on Earth for the next 10+ thousands of years, and for all sentient beings on OTHER planets within the Milky Way Galaxy, AND also on other Galaxies! That would be conceited, wouldn't you think?